Beekeeping 101

2 -  6 hour classes that will prepare you to get into your hives, with a solid background in beekeeping throughout the years, a basis understanding of bee biology, a review of bee hive styles, equipment options, and  Personal Protection Equipment. We want you to leave this portion of our program  with a solid understanding of Honeybee Colony Anatomy, the type of equipment you will need to continue on your beekeeping  journey and most important, to  start you on your path to establishing your own "Beekeeping Philosophy" 

Beekeeping 102

2 - 6 hour classes that will take your 101 knowledge to the next level. We will continue your classroom knowledge for a better  understanding of your beekeeping management obligations.   This includes what you should inside hives, and what you do not want inside your hive. This includes  pest and disease, management, swarm control, and bee behavior and demeanor. We will then take you  into the hive and  show you how the classroom translates to the real world. You get first hand experience inside hives, and continue on  establishing your "Beekeeping Philosophy"

Advanced Bee Classes

  1. Swarms Management & Splits
  2. Swarm Traps (Free Bees)
  3. Can my Bees pay for my Habit
  4. Advanced Varroa & other Pest Management

Work Shops

  1. Hiving Building and equipment maintenance 
  2. Topbar Hives